Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Day First Show

My first attempt at giving this blogging thingy a shot. Every person I don't know (the number people I do know are 6-billionth of the planet so its easier to address the majority... err you will get used to my style eventually...) has a blog. 3 months and 5 days ago (finally!) I met someone who blogged! The blogger Gods had finally smiled on me, and the equation changed- I could honestly now say that every person I DO know since 3 months and 5 days, blogged! Indeed, what a difference a day made (Jamie Cullum sang that song... wonder if he knew then that he too would someday be on someones blog, who was attempting to explain her debut in to blogging!.. again, you will eventually get used to these meaningless interruptions in thought).

So I want to start this saga of blogging, with an explanation of my cryptic 'blogger name' (see? I am already talking like a pro)... Well, the source of that wise choise really began- again- with this friend who had the blogger Gods finally smile on me. He decided to post something that I had said (said without me thinking too much I might add!) to him a couple of days ago while trying to explain my art 'imagination'. He titled that one 'Imagination-sense' and the rest will (hopefully!) be history...

Err- yup- thats all I can think of today.

Ps- if you have nothing to say- here's a tip to help you say SOMETHING in response to this my first attempt at blogging- try and count the number of times I have mentioned "Blog" or "Blogger" or "Blogging" etc above, and send me that number. This will be one of the only places where the right or wrong answer won't really matter... I will just be happy to see your comment!

:) Cheers